okay so the skinny jeans didn't work out for me so well …

deconstructing the skinny jeans trend; are effeminate men dressing to impress each other these days?

Posted on: November 6, 2009

When I think about skinny jeans it is hard to do so without thinking about some of the rhetoric that even brought it to this place.  For all intensive purposes, denim, as c concept in fashion, is dead on arrival.  For one jeans were skinny for eons, it was not until baggy jeans were popular that the idea of jeans being skinny was even an issue.  For another, everything conceivable to man has been done with denim; you can get a rather decent pair of jeans from H&M for $70, but you can also get a nice pair from WalMart for $16.  Both jeans feature comfortable cotton that is not the most luxurious known to man, but it does get the job done and is straight to the point.

The only thing that differentiates a more expensive pair of jeans from a cheaper pair of jeans is the quality of the cotton and the way that the jeans fit.  With baggy jeans, the only real consideration was that you could move freely in the jeans and that the inseam was longer than you needed for them to be.  With skinny jeans, the opposite is true, you want the jeans to flatter your figure, or do you?  When women wear skinny jeans they do of course, but men seem to have this preoccupation with the jeans being so tight that you could just paint them on.  That isn’t necessarily flattering to a man, especially your typical American man that has a regular build.

Those of us that are fortunate enough to have something “back there” should not even think about wearing skinny jeans.  People say that it looks gay, but I beg to differ; most homosexual men would not wear their pants that way either but that is a different topic for a different article.  It just seems uncomfortable, and may attract some women but not most.  Most women are perfectly okay with jeans that fit that are loose enough for you to move comfortably but not too loose that you need a belt to keep them on and held in place.  So why are these men wearing such tight fitting jeans is beyond me.

I have to wonder if this is not a case of men dressing to impress each other.  Typically men may dress to impress women, though some do not want to appear as though they conform too much to what women think and want to hold onto some semblance of masculinity.  This is why wearing skinny jeans with a plaid “lumberjack” shirt is popular.  It says “see I do wear the tight jeans, but I am still masculine”, and is a complete contradiction because men who actually do cut down trees and wear real “lumberjack” plaid shirts do not wear skinny jeans, and would never take it into consideration.

It is sort of like a woman wearing high heels and doing a lot of other uncomfortable things that your average man may never pick up on.  It looks cool for a little bit, but I may inevitably wonder if your feet aren’t killing you.  If you have a lot of make up on, and it is really obvious that you do, I wonder how long it took for you to put all of that on.  Yeah I know that’s silly, but that is how I think about fashion.  I can’t accept it at face value for what it is I have to know the madness that brought someone to that place to put on that outfit. 

Thus the reason for this article.  Because if men are going to great lengths to wear denim that is two or three sizes too small they have to be doing it for each other.  If the look is considered to be feminine, what type of woman do you think you are going to attract with that look, and how are you going to assert your masculinity to compensate for it.  Of course that is all ridiculous; any man that is into fashion or otherwise obsessed with does not have their sexuality defined by what they wear, or shouldn’t anyway. We all do things that aren’t masculine in the most oversimplified, prototypical sense.  Perhaps this is all that skinny jeans really are, just a way for your post-metro-sexual fashion obsessed man to stand out.  Once this trend ends I’m sure fashion designers will come out with some other trend to cater to his whims …

3 Responses to "deconstructing the skinny jeans trend; are effeminate men dressing to impress each other these days?"

Hello Goofy,

My name is Rogelio. I’ve also been wondering the same thing over and over. I think society has become very tolerant and open toward men and women wearing clothes that were conventionally reserved for a particular sex. However, we live in an era where sometimes, men can pass of as women by “transforming”themselves, that is, surgery, pills, etc. Your guess is as good as mine.

I really do beleive that our society is slowly becoming absent of real men, and I think it is disgusting to see what great lengths men go to to “become” the opposite sex. Although, this trend of “painted on” looking jeans was started in Asia, where their build is perfect for this kind of thing. You also have to remember that there are diffrent degrees to skinny jeans. Just because you are man doesnt mean you have to totally disregard anything and everything about the way you look. Being skinny is something that a man and a woman can both be proud of. Its a sign of self respect, it shows that you care enough about yourself to eat right and excersize. Have you ever even tried on a pair? If you take the time to find the right size and fit they can be very comfortable. Some people wear them because they follow trends, some wear do them to impress men, but some find that a snug fitting pair of jeans can be attractive, comfortable, and a sign of confidence.

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